Energy Work


90 minutes. Ideal for most clients whether they are seasoned or new to energy work ~ great for those who may be feeling overly bogged down with the stresses of life.

Multi-Dimensional Energy healing sessions are facilitated with a light touch while lying on a massage table and fully clothed. The result can be profound relaxation, reduced physical pain, mental clarity and reduced stress. The body has an innate ability to heal itself. When one is relaxed and at ease within themselves, they are likely to think more clearly and feel more empowered to move through life with greater ease.


45 minutes. Through the use of 8 CPTG® essential oils, Aromatouch® reduces stress, enhances the immune system and reduces inflammation and pain resulting from free-radicals, the foods we eat and illness producing pathogens.

Oils will be applied to the back and the feet. Clients are asked to bring a shirt/blouse that buttons and can be worn backward.

Applying the oils with the AromaTouch® technique has been shown to help enhance the immune system and increase feelings of over all balance and a sense of well-being. Please keep in mind that the oils work best with a well-hydrated body.


75 minutes. Aromatouch will be done first to enhance overall balance of your energy systems, thereby reducing stress, enhancing the immune system, reducing inflammation and pain that result from free-radicals, the foods we eat and illness producing pathogens.  This will be followed by the three techniques described in the IET Power Session.



An Integrated Energy Therapy ® (IET) power session is ideal for the client who is ready to move to the next phase of their soul’s evolution, but is simply feeling a bit ‘stuck’. The Power Session does not replace a full Multi-dimensional energy healing session but can be added onto one.

  • The practitioner will use a light touch on various locations on the physical body. The energy utilized is of the Violet Angelic Ray; It is  incredibly powerful and assists healing limiting effects of the past while assisting one in opening to expect powerful expansion in life.

  • A clearing in the area of the Soul’s Purpose, the place above your crown where you are connected to Spirit and where everything you came to do in this life resides. This clearing can assist you on your path, bringing you insight regarding the next steps you may wish to take on your path to joy and personal fulfillment.

  • When one is feeling stuck in life, this final technique aligns and clears the entire energetic channel from the area of your Soul’s Purpose to that of your Earth Star (the place beneath your feet where you are connected to Mother Earth throughout your life).  Intended to bring you insights into what the next steps on your soul’s path might be and to support you in living your soul’s mission with ease and joy.  Truly a very powerful session!