We are now in the 21st century and recognize everyone faces unique demands: emotionally, physically and spiritually. Although each of us must continually balance life’s challenges, it is imperative that we claim time to care for our own health and well-being. We must set aside a few quiet moments to nurture and nourish our natural beauty. Come, unwind in a warm, relaxed environment where personal attention is always our priority. Feel how a skilled touch has the power to transform you. Come experience the years of research and results behind our products. Re-enter the world with a “calm” mind and “renewed” body.


Facials are our expertise. We specialize in finding healthy alternatives and solutions for your every day needs.

Therapeutic Massage

Need to relax? Or do you know someone who does? Let our massage therapists take care of that kink, knot or sore muscle.

Nail Services

Our nail services are brought to you by experts in the industry who have been a part of the renew team for years. 


body Treatments

From body scrubs to slimming wraps, renew is your destination for body treatments with proven results.


Yoga is one practice that has potential to improve strength, posture, balance, stress & relaxation in a matter of minutes.


Reiki, a Japanese stress reduction & relaxation technique, is the idea that a “Life Force Energy” flows through us.


Hair Removal

Are you looking to remove unwanted hair? Have our specialists take it away with our vast list of services.


Our specialists can beautify you or teach you how to do it yourself! Learn about our services, products and more.


Are you looking to take care of yourself in more than one way? Take a look at the renew.packages we have for you.