Detox Seminar, Saturday, March 25th at 1pm at Renew.Calm

Spring Detox Seminar
Saturday, March 25
1pm at Renew.Calm
160 Baldwin Street
West Springfield, MA

EVERYONE Can Use a Spring Cleaning

If you’re like many of us, these past few snow storms have you longing for warmer, sunnier days. In fact, spring is only a few weeks away. And if you’re impatient, you may even have a vacation planned to a warmer climate before the calendar turns. You’re sure that once the weather gets warmer, and the days become longer, you’ll feel more energized and you won’t feel like your brain is in such a fog. Then it will be easier to stick to those New Year’s resolutions of cleaner eating that have already fallen by the wayside. You’ll lose those few pounds that crept up on you this winter. Maybe that bloating and stomach pain will finally go away.

Have you ever considered a detox program? Everyone can benefit from a good spring cleaning of their elimination system, including their colon and intestines. Why are detoxification diets so popular? How do you do it? And are they even safe?

Our bodies build up with toxins due to pollutants and chemicals in the air we breathe, food and water we consume, cosmetics we apply to our bodies and medications we must take. These toxins build up in our fatty tissue and can contribute to various health problems, including fatigue, brain fog, skin irritations, and abdominal pain.

Eliminating processed foods laden with chemicals, fats, caffeine, alcohol, etc. and consuming more water and clean foods for several days can take the burden off our liver and kidneys and help them to flush the stored toxins more efficiently. Plus, eating nutrient dense foods will energize us, and avoiding foods that are high in sugar will prevent the drop in blood sugar that normally makes us feel exhausted mid-afternoon.

Some detoxification programs require you to fast for a few days. Some have you only taking in juice for 2-3 days. Be careful of programs requiring you to abstain from protein for long periods of time. This can lead to muscle wasting as the body pulls protein it requires from muscles. Get your physician’s approval before beginning any program.

Want more info on why EVERYONE can benefit from a detoxification program and how to do it safely? Come to our Detox Seminar, Saturday, March 25th at 1pm at renew.calm, 160 Baldwin Street, West Springfield, MA. Dr. Ransom Morin, board certified chiropractic physician, of Vitruvian Wellness will lead this one-hour discussion. The fee to register is only $10 and is non-refundable after March 21st. Call 413.737.6223 to reserve your seat.